Monster Patches - $10

Add snap on accessories like sun glasses or an eye patch. 

More complicated designs that require more stitching may have additional cost.
Double knee replacement $15

$10 includes one large patch (eye or mouth) and snap eyes or stitched mouth. Please ask for a quote for more complicated stitched designs such as the moustache design. Teen and up (yes I do adult pants!) may cost more depending on the size of the hole.
If your jeans have additional smaller holes I can patch them (without monsters) for about $1 per hole depending on the size as well. 

Mitten Snaps - $2-4
If your toddler is like mine, he would rather have frostbite than keep his mittens on. I have added snaps to his coat and mittens so that he will keep them on.
I will add snaps to your child's coat and one pair of mittens for $4 and add snaps to additional mittens for $2. I can also add a ribbon to the snaps so that the mittens stay attached for an additional $1.

Diaper Snap Conversions - $5
I will remove the hook and loop closures on your diapers and replace them with white snaps.
I can do custom (matching or contrasting) snap colors as well, but require a minimum of 6 diapers for one custom color or 8 diapers for 2 custom colors. Customs may also take longer to complete since I will need to special order the snaps.

Diaper Elastic Replacement - $3-6
Cost will depend on how the elastic is currently in your diaper.
Older diapers have the elastic sewn into the diaper which requires me to basically take the diaper apart and sew it back together, which is why the charge is $6. When I put the diapers back together, they will be "easy replace" and future replacements will fall under the cheaper category.

Newer cloth diapers have realized how hard the elastic is to replace and have changed to "easy replace elastic"  If the elastic is not sewn in , the cost is $3.